Sunday, 5 July 2009

And I heard that was illegal :)

(Hint: Polish NTV Antenna)

Hipocrisy or good border control?

Keep Out !

Notting Hill Gate - a building being refurbished by some polish builders.

The writing says "Caution Dog! I reach the gate in 3 sec, and you?"


Harvey had been in the retail business long enough to know that when times were tough, shoppers want a cheaper alternative!

New York's Banksy arrested - Polish

Art and sculpture in polish nurseries.

Hahahah :-)

Poland's European Championship t-shirt.


Smutna guma.

Tip: "Guma" means "rubber" in Polish.

Leaders pledge, but you go and get a burger brotha!

That's how crowded it gets.

Nie drażnić PSA.

"PSA" means "Dog" in Polish.

Polish shops will stock up whatever you want.

(Is that legal?")

Is it me, or is this loan on an 442% APR ?

Now all the polaks out there - read the company name backwards :-)

Good luck. LOL

Michael Jackson's memorial at The O2 dome

He ran too fast, over the ocean, finally stopped in London.

Tesco, that sounds aristocratic!

The image comes from Here

Let's guess where the owner of that company is from?

Are employees of that company fed with water only ? :) (read details on van)

His name sounds funny in Polish language :)

Tip: "Rupiah" suggests someting dodgy and Indian, "Banda" means "a gang" in a negative way.

Is there anything the Russians haven't tried to capitalize on?

Guess English really do appreciate Poles.

You tell 'em Pati !

Lituanica shop FTW!

Local bakery at the Lituanica market, make wonderful cakes! :) Each week there's something different.

A selection of sausages and meats is impressive too! I wonder what Renata would say :)

Sack 'em!

Really ?

Somehow I've never heard of that.

Bartek Bachleda and his gift of leakage-spotting

Fantastic reaction from the crew... not.

Best worst joke

Immediate advertisement

Big pharma at it's best.

Gift from EDF Energy?

A couple of weeks after I got my 214 pound electricity bill, for the last quarter, EDF sent this gift of appreciation.

How big pharma sells more med's using big media

(Hint: text box on the right hand side)

Excentric Paul unfashionable?

After Sir Paul McCartney was slandered for what he wore one day, a conversation started in a "send us a text" part of a newspaper.

Tomasz's text did not go unnoticed and here's a reply from David, the following day:

Old habits die hard.

"do not [...] reflect the ministry's official position" but it shows how it's being portrayed inside the communist country.

Walesa and Kylie new BFF

Former Polish prez Walesa, respected internationally, spat on in Poland. Why?