Saturday, 10 April 2010

Here's a tough one for you.

What is wrong in this picture ?

Spoiler: "Opening hours"

Monday, 5 April 2010

Polish clothing

Looking for a distinctively polish piece of clothing?
Look no further :)!-t-shirt.m,1068528

Gypsy clothing. I Like! High five!

Huge hole prepared for a building in Canary Wharf.

Wonderful Jazz concert at The Barbican.

Tomasz Stańko covering Krzysztof Komeda's repertoire. Guest appearance by Justyna Steczkowska. Captured in the lobby beautiful and shy Magdalena Cielecka.
Such wonderful events happening in London for Ł10? Unbelievable!

Robert Janowski giving a great example.

Excellent work by Robert Janowski. Well done.

Sad license plate. (dark humour)

When cutting is not enough.

Spoiler: "Wisi" means "hangs". Told you it was dark humour.

Poles are proud of Jolanta!

A lovely face representing polish professionals in London.


The scarfes, jackets, hair and bags may be different but same e-book reader :)
Oh, did I say they were twins ?

Collections not frequent enough.

A failure of the council. This happens all the time there. Sad, really.

Chopper in Covent Garden

A helicopter landed in the middle of a junction in Covent Garden to help transport an injured bicyclist. Impressive stuff.